Our Services

RECRUITING (specializing in technical positions)

While finding candidates with the right technical experience may not be difficult, finding the right mix of experience and attributes to meet ensure a good fit is harder.  Yet, finding personnel that fits into your existing workforce is critical for the mutual success.  We have interviewed 100s of people in the biotech industry and have seen first hand how hiring for experience only, often backfires.  We will work to understand YOUR needs  of the perfect candidate and seek to find the candidate that fits your vision.   

Some important considerations:

  • What are 'must haves' in terms of experience?
  • Do you need a candidate to work independently or someone who likes to receive and follow instructions?
  • Are you looking for someone to 'grow' or someone who wants to continue in the same position for longer term?
  • What are the personalities of the existing team?
  • What is the leadership style of the hiring manager?
  • Are you looking for a creative thinker/problem solver or someone who likes performing the same tasks repeatedly?
  • How important are 'people skills'?
  • How important are written and/or verbal communication skills?



The biotech industry is large and varied.  Whether you are a small company trying to identify your market, trying to prepare for your next move or you an established company that could use help with those outstanding tasks, D BASH Business Solutions can help.  With experience across multiple biotech fields, we have the ability to see the larger picture and will work to identify the best solution for YOU.  Ever biotech company is different and we understand that what may work for one, will not work for all.


We have direct experience in sales and support (technical service, customer service, and instrument service) as well as extensive work with colleagues in regulatory, marketing, finance, and legal affairs departments.  Pulling from these varied viewpoints, we will work to provide a balanced, reality-based solution.

  • Technical writing and/or training
  • Translation of technical information for non-scientists
  • Market research
  • Insight into differences across forensic, research, and diagnostics industries as it relates to molecular biology
  • Planning of new space (laboratory or office)