Diverse Biotech Experience

With experience in molecular diagnostic, forensic, and clinical research fields, we can find solutions to meet your needs and pull from the various fields to identify the best solutions for you.

Our Strengths

15 years in Biotech Sales and Support Roles

Former companies include:

     Exact Sciences Corp.

     Roche Diagnostics

     Myriad Genetics

     Applied Biosystems (currently Thermo Fisher)

     Bode Technology Group

Founder & Principal

Danielle Bashirullah

Worked with Big and Small

Running a business is not easy, no matter the size. With D BASH Business Solutions LLC, you will have access to someone who has worked in large, established companies as well as in small/start-up companies.  We recognize the each has its own type of challenges!

Technical and Business Acumen

Sometimes you may need technical expertise while other times business assistance.  We can offer the bridge between the two.  Being able to translate and simplify complex, technical or scientific concepts is critical for reaching non-scientists (e.g., investors, marketing team, your non-technical staff).